Hey Jason What Camera Is That?

Hey Jason What Camera Is That?

There's a bit more to it than plugging in a new camera. For a deep dive into what's right for you, and for the room you have to work with check out my 14 part video guide>>

Best Equipment by Budget

Studio 1.0




📸 Camera See Video #8

🔦 Lighting See Video #7

A Window

👂 Audio See Video #6

🌴 Set


🎬 Editing

Loom (beginner) See Video #4

Descript (intermediate) See Video #5

Adobe Premiere (advanced)

📽 B-Roll

Pexels (free)


Face To camera: 6'6" To background wall: 4'6" To floor (eyeballs): 4'0" To desk: 1'8" To key light: 3'4" To microphone: 1'0" To monitor: 2'2" To plant: 4'10"

Camera To floor: 3'2" To desk: 3'7"

Desk To floor: 2'5" Length: 4'11" Depth: 2'6" To background wall: 4'10"