Advanced Recording/Zoom with OBS (8:35)

Advanced Recording/Zoom with OBS (8:35)

The workhorse I use to record most of my video, and design fancy scenes. OBS is a tool that's actually pretty simple to use when you get to grips with it, and is the ultimate flex for Zoom calls & client videos.

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This seems hard. When would I use this? Consider OBS if you want to put graphics into your video live. Maybe you run webinars, or want branded graphics in your recordings - this can be done live. The nice part is you don't have to add it in post-production, and can record directly in OBS.

What does this sorcery cost? It's free.

How do I show people my video after recording with OBS? I've just got a video file now. You'll have to upload it somewhere, a service to host the video for you. I usually use Loom since it gives me simple editing functionality, and the player has captions.