Basic Editing (5:19)

Basic Editing (5:19)

A sneaky superpower of Loom is the ability to make edits to your video post-recording. As we touched on in Part 2, nobody's a one-take wonder. The workflow I recommend is recording a single video, repeating anything you make a mistake on, then pulling out the mistakes after recording. Loom makes this process trivial!

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Do you actually put on makeup before recording? Wouldn't you like to know.

Have any clients ever commented on the fact the video was edited? When they can notice a cut? I've sent hundreds at this point, and no one has said a thing. Remember, people watch your video because they think there's something in it for them! They don't care how you got there.

Did you actually take 20 attempts at recording a video? When I was getting started, there were some short 30 second videos that I genuinely probably tried 15 times. Perfectionism with video is a weird thing.

You mentioned you can invite an editor in Loom - How do I do that?

They've changed this a bit since I shot it, but now you have a 'Workspace', and depending on the permissions of other people in your workspace, they can edit your videos for you.