Building a workflow with an editor (3:56)

Building a workflow with an editor (3:56)

It's time to crank up the leverage - How to increase your output by pulling a video editor into your team. Your workflow with an editor looks a bit different than it does when you're solo, but it's worth doing to take your videos to the next level.

Software Mentioned


What's the robot on the left? An Aputure Amaran MC RGB Light on a wee baby tripod.

What's the colorful thing on the right I keep seeing? An X-Rite ColorChecker. When you're messing with DSLR color profiles & pulling in an editor, use this to get the color correction just right.

If I pull an intern in to edit, where should I have them start? Keep using the same tools you're already using, Loom & Descript. Both tools allow you to add team members, and they can easily hop in to contribute.

How much does it cost to hire a video editor? It's totally across the board. You can hire offshore editors for less than $10 an hour, and agencies for several hundred dollars an hour. Start small!