Captions (3:08)

Making cool videos? Nice. Time to put them somewhere a bunch of people will see them. Including captions in a video increase the likelihood people on social media will stop to watch them by 80%. Here are a few ways to do it.

Software Mentioned


I'm just sending videos to my customers. Do I need to be thinking about captions? It is important to consider the accessibility of your video, and this is one of the big upsides of Loom for 1-to-1 videos. Captions are now automatically generated for videos run through Loom. This won't help you if you're going to post to social media though, as the captions are part of Loom's player, not baked into the video itself. But for 1-to-1 videos, Loom is plenty.

I'm still confused about how to do fancy captions. I've got a YouTube video in the works walking through every step! I'll update here when it's done.

What's the big tin foil potato behind you? A 5-in-1 reflector! Rather than using a second fill light, I just use reflected light with this guy and moved it around as needed.