Develop a workflow to make video easy (4:12)

Develop a workflow to make video easy (4:12)

Why don't we make more videos? We'll hop on a call for an hour without breaking a sweat, but the prospect of making a video is exhausting. Let's unpack how to make video production less emotionally taxing.

Hardware Mentioned

No hardware in this one

Software Mentioned

I teased editing software, but we'll dig into those in the next 2 parts.


How did you shoot the conversational thing with the other guy? It's the same shot mirrored horizontally in the editing software. If you try this, make the other person visually different somehow otherwise it gets really confusing.

Is it just me or is your face blurry? I had a fistfight with my auto-focus for a couple videos, sorry about that. I said I wasn't a pro right?

How do you make these 'simple edits' on videos? Check out the next couple of parts. Loom is the easiest way.

I'm not a video editor I hadn't made a video 18 months ago. Don't focus on what you are today, focus on what's going to make your life easier going forward!

What's your process for having the team write for you? We bounce around video topics, to ensure it's something I think can have an entertaining angle. The team puts together a script to cover the technical bits, and I arrange it to make it into more of a story that's easy to follow. The best videos tell a story, and believe it or not you can do this with even brutal technical subjects.