Hardware - Audio (10:51)

Hardware - Audio (10:51)

Forget cameras, forget lights, start with audio. It's easier than you think to sound great on video, and you can do it on the cheap if you've got the right room for it.

Hardware Mentioned

*XLR microphones - These don't plug directly into USB and require additional hardware to connect to your computer.

Software Mentioned

No software in this one.


Why did your audio quality get worse in a video about audio hardware? I put the mic in the shot on the bottom left, and it looks like it's close, but interestingly it's actually a lot closer overhead in my regular shot. Here it's about 24 inches away from my face, and in my normal set it's about 12 inches away. That's all it takes to make a big difference in audio quality!

Did that bad mic sound better in your closet than you good one does in this video? Yes.

What's happening on your screen in the background? That's OBS - We talk about it in part 12.

Do people really use lapel mics? They do! They're the cheapest way to get good sound. Look closely and you'll see them quite a bit, generally in situations where the speaker's head isn't near the edge of the frame, where you can have a microphone out of shot.

I don't want to spend a lot of money but don't know where to start. Buy a lapel mic. Really good audio quality on the cheap.