Intermediate Editing (9:38)

Intermediate Editing (9:38)


Hardware Mentioned

No hardware in this one

Software Mentioned

Descript (affiliate)


Loom is buggy? It has gotten a lot better, and your mileage may vary, but I still have trouble with the desktop app.

I'm panicking thinking about the sensitive things I've recorded with Loom. Go back & password protect any videos you're concerned may have sensitive info in them.

Was that a Fast & The Furious Reference? Yes.

What happened to your hair midway through the video? When I record big things like this series, I shoot in batches. I batch by set, and by content type. So for example, you'll see throughout the series 3-4 different sets. I shot the talking head footage for each set all in one sitting but didn't put those videos back to back, so the parts weren't visually repetitive. In this case, I shot the on-screen demo at a later date, so I could power through the face cam shooting for the series in one day.

What's your TikTok? I've got one TikTok for accountant content right now,

So when do I use Loom, and when do I use Descript? For anything longer than 10 minutes, I generally use Descript. For example, if I record a webinar or an hour-long meeting, the time savings Descript provides by removing word gaps is completely worth it. I also use Descript if I want to put an image on top of the video, like a logo, or if I creating fancy captions.