Teleprompters (4:49)

Teleprompters (4:49)

Listen - I'm not exactly delivering the state of the union here, okay? True! But if you're trying to crank up your production, or pull your team in on scripting, a teleprompter can cut loads of time off of your production workflow.

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I'm new to this. What's scripting? How should I think of this? We think of video as always being new content, but it doesn't need to be! Do you have blog posts, or white papers already written up? You've got the beginnings of a great video script. Always try to tell a story with your video - have a beginning middle and end, but your video can start from anything. Even something you're already written.

I've got back vision - Will that be a problem? It depends on how far away from you the teleprompter is, and whether you're using a smartphone or a tablet. For reference, I have a tablet-sized teleprompter 6.5 feet away. I use reading glasses but can read it comfortably. If you have particularly bad vision, you probably couldn't read my setup.

You didn't recommend a teleprompter app. There are a bunch of them, and several on Android iOS that are highly rated. Today I don't think there's a clear winner. Which one you use isn't too important.

What do you like about using a teleprompter? I oftentimes forget certain bits or nuances that I wanted to include when I only bullet point outline the script. It also makes it easier to turn up cold and just hit record, rather than having to skim the script & remember what to say.