Framing your shots (10:27)

Framing your shots (10:27)

Harder for me than sorting out all the tech, has actually been learning to properly frame my shots. Getting the angles right, and working out how to create something interest is actually harder than you'd think, and better equipment doesn't make it any easier.

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Why is there a red hook in your ceiling I've used it to hang an RBG light a couple times, so there's a color coming in from the top.

I feel attacked. If you're fly-on-the wall guy, or up-the-nose lady, no shame. We all started somewhere.

I have a question about the height/position of your camera/chair/desk/background/face. Check out all the dimensions under 'Layout' on this page where I detail my studio 1.0 setup.

I'm backed right up to the wall, but there's still too much wall/background in my shot. What do I do? It sounds like your camera is too wide-angled. Find a webcam or camera lens with a small field of view, and the perspective will be narrower like mine is.

When do we get the Studio 2.0 video? SOON