Why Video is the Highest Leverage Skill You Can Learn (3:51)

Why Video is the Highest Leverage Skill You Can Learn (3:51)

You know what I'm doing right now? Like right now right now? I'll tell you what I'm not doing is making this video. It doesn't take me any additional effort for 1 additional person to watch this video, and there are very few things in life that work this way.

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Hardware Mentioned

No hardware mentioned in Part 1

Software Mentioned

No software mentioned in Part 1


How does this video compare to the rest of the series? This video was designed to be released for promotional purposes. The second video gets into the mindset behind doing video, but videos 3-14 are much more technical, with less pec flexing and Lego jet skis.

Is your workshop really that messy? Yes don't look too closely I'm ashamed.

How were the video overlay titles made? I have a full-time video editor that creates these herself, but you can buy templates that can be edited with Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects from places like Storyblocks.

I see an iPhone - Did you use this to film any of the series? Only a couple of walkaround b-roll segments. The series was filmed on a Sony A6400, see the hardware list for Studio 1.0.

Where do you get things like the farmer guy at 0:35? All of my b-roll comes from Storyblocks. They have a large library of green screen b-roll, so you can add bits like this and key out the background.

How do you create these nice little subtitles? I have a full-time editor, but you can find folks on Fiverr who will do this for you, or if you want to edit them yourself with Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects, you can buy templates from places like Storyblocks.

How do you do zoom-ins like at 0:40? We use Adobe premiere, but this can be done with any tool that will let you zoom in on a video.

Is that you on the jet ski? You'll never know.

Why did you mention a tax return? I built this guide first for my accountant community, before releasing it for general consumption. There are a few mentions like this, but the guidance is relevant to anyone leveraging video.

How did you do the orbs? A graphic artist did this in Adobe After Effects.

Where did the music come from? Epidemic Sound.

Where do you get the sound effects?

Epidemic Sound